Monthly Archives: March 2015

Piano Party!

Our Piano Party on Sunday was a rousing success!  Now that we’ve had a few of these informal performance gatherings, many students came knowing exactly what was going to happen and gave some wonderful support to those students who were new to our get-together.  Highlights included:

  • Songs from “Phineas and Ferb” and “Home Alone”
  • A son-and-mother duet
  • Some sneaky “what did I change?” tricks involving the damper pedal and repeated notes
  • Playing a song from memory
  • A few renditions of a classic Beethoven tune
  • Students composing their own songs after the performances were done

After the playing was done, we all had snacks and spent time socializing as a group.  Piano can be such a lonely instrument to practice; I’m so glad we had this chance to get together and celebrate how much fun it is to play for others!