Monthly Archives: October 2013

Little Shop of Horrors

Just in time for Halloween, Moonstruck Theater Company presents “Little Shop of Horrors” at the Amazing Things Arts Center in Framingham.  I am so incredibly happy to be working with the Moonstruck team again – I love how passionate these people are, and their talent and creativity never cease to amaze me.  I’ll be playing keyboard 2 (aka “that sweet organ solo” and the “wa-ka-wa-ka-wa”) during next weekend’s productions.  To whet your musical appetite, here is a video from their live show at the WERS studios in Boston:

For tickets, directions, or to learn more about this wonderful group, check out Moonstruck’s website.

“… I think it’s suppertime!”

An Astounding Acoustic

Here at my little music studio, there’s been an exciting change – I finally have an acoustic piano!
A Familiar Friend

This beautiful upright has been with me since I started playing piano.  It has player piano parts (which do not work, but are really interesting to look at), a clean action on the keyboard, and a colorful resonant sound.  Students have spent the past couple weeks exploring the components and learning about how a piano works.  I’m so glad to have it in my house – it’s like having an old best friend come to live with me!